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Jerks and Friends @ Kashmir

End o' the World

Recorded 1-8-00 at Karl's place Kashmir Studios, Hermosa Beach, with Jerks Brian Sisson, Mark Baertschi, and Tony Alvarez, and Karl Grossman with guest keyboardist J2 recorded to multitrack ADAT through the Music Focus board. Engineered by J2.

You'll hear the close mics and better compression on this recording, as the Jerks work out some demons at Karl's place. Some cool quiet stuff along with some sick and twisted sonics appropriate to the end of the world and riding out a storm. Check out the Wes Montgomery guitar style mixed with reggae one drop on the final cut.

The cuts:

1. End o' the World

2. Too Loud

3. Is That What You Want?

4. Ride Out the Storm

5. Rasta Wes

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