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Big Cliche @ Pitcher House

with Chuck Turner

Recorded 4-14-00 , a Saturday at the Pitcher House, Hermosa Beach, with Jerks Brian Sisson, Karl Grossman and Big Cliche band members Dave Moore on bass, Jeff Remy on drums and keyboardist Chuck Turner recorded to the Roland through 2 PZMs.

Here Big Cliche plays from the Cliche OK song list, cover tunes with a twist. Good crowd this evening, ready for good solos on recognizable tunes. The last cut here features local legend singer Robby Rogers (Dog Boy) helping out a bit and it features both jeff Remy and Mark Baertschi on drums. Wild.

The cuts:

1. Ghost Riders

2. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

3. the Beat Goes On

4. Sleepwalk

5. Wild Thing

6. Pave the Way

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