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Big Jerks @ Kashmir w/Robby


Recorded 10-29-97 at Kashmir Studios, Hermosa Beach, JTwo at the Music Focus Board

Here's a great improv session with the old Jerks lineup : Karl, Mark, Brian and Peter Carreiro, along with guests Richard Schwagerl, Jeff II and master vocalist Robby Rogers* (local reggae expert and singer with Too Rude).The guys from the great local band War Called Peace are in there on percussion. We were tiring of the El Nino warnings on the local news. The Be Gentle tirade refers to Karl's bathroom sign. Brian plays the piano on Peaches, Richard on the rest.

The cuts:

1. Be Gentle *

2. El Nino 1

3. El Nino 2 *

4. Peaches en Pianos

5. Way Too Loud



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