Big Jerks live @ Pitcher House

July-01 Set Three


Recorded the at Pitcher House with 2 PZMs to the Roland.

Features Karl, Mark, Brian, and Tony on a night when our friend and original Jerk Kelly Preach had the opening slot with his band the Spurs. This disc is a record of the last (midnight) set of the evening, with Kelly sitting in for vocals on cut#1* and it also features the great drummer George Hurley from Kelly's band (also from the famous band fIREHOSE) on drums. He "got it" immediately, as he journeyed through the improv rock with us. Mark, who was supposed to have gone home by then (hence the substitution) can be heard on percussion.

The cuts:

1. Pearl Harbor*

2. 70 Miles an Hour

3. Please Doctor

4. Figured it Out

5. Little Sunflower

6. Jam w/ Hurley

7. Jerks


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