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Big Jerks w/Dan Malouin

at Dog and Hog


Recorded 8-3-98 at both Barking Dog and Hog Heaven*, to DAT stereo with a stereo mic hung from the ceiling.

Features Karl, Mark, Brian and bassist Dan Malouin, starting at Mark's tiki yard for a summer barbecue. We played and chatted with our spouses (Dan was engaged) at Mark's and had a blast. You can hear the women in the background laughing over Margaritas. We told our wives that we needed to go to Hog Heaven for somme loud playing, and our women (good girls, all) told us GO, BEAT IT. There we cranked it up for a visceral treatment of wall of sound madness. Check out the Hog ambience on Hello There and Empire.

The cuts:

1. Gardena Barbecue

2. Hello There*

3. Milk Go Bad

4. Plumber

5. Empire *

6. Ambush


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