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Big Jerks, Set List 1983


Here's the disc of the actual written songs we played back in the New Wave club scene of the early eighties. We had them down so tight that we could (and often did) play them while crashing into each other on stage. At times, we collapsed into a heap while still playing the intricate parts. We got 'em laughing while we played our own songs. Fans from those days will recognize the tunes.

The cuts:

1. Hank

2. Don't Cry To Me

3. Car Back

4. Life o' Rielly

5. Gloria

6. Movies

7. Trash

8. My Baby's On Display

9. Comfort Threshhold

10. Happy Moth

11. Limo

12. Clone Boy

13. I Think We're Alone Now

--------Hollywood Recordings------

14. Car Back (vinyl single)

15. Don't Cry to Me

16. Movies

17. Collector

18. Limo

----@ Kashmir 1983----

19. Illegal Alien

----@ Kitchen Synch with Reek Havok-----

20. Mad Spider Dance


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