DISC # 086 ART

Big Jerks Complilation

Confront alQaeda

Gleaned from 15 months of recordings about the War on Terror.

The most prominent event in the last few decades seems to be ignored by rock, jazz, alternative and hiphop music. Country music, always patriotic, features songs about the war on fascist Islam, but that's to be expected. Paul McCartney and Neil Young took some heavy heat for daring to address the obvious. Good for them. The Big Jerks, having no fame to protect, waded right into the muck with improv jams on the topic.

We even sent this compliation to some Middle East military bases for distribution among the troops. We hope they dupe the hell out of 'em.

The cuts:

1. Christmas in Kandahar

2. Taliban Man

3. DOI

4. Mishap ; 9/11

5. Under Burkhas

6. Outlaw Music?

7. Things've Changed (live)

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