DISC # 095 ART

Big Jerks Cassette Archive

Series #2


Recorded in the earliest days, from 1980 through '85, this hiss-ridden relic showcases a collection of early improv experiments. If you don't laugh at least once during this listen, check your pulse.

Features Karl, Mark, Brian , Peter Carreiro and original member Kelly Preach on * . Recorded at Mark's 18th Street garage, Brian's 214th Street garage and early Kashmir in Hermosa. You can hear 2 year old Danny Sisson singing on Bingo.

The Wreck Outside was recorded at the Pacifica Jam in 1985.

The cuts:

1) No No No

2) Bingo

3) Eight Foot Wave

4) The Wreck Outside

5) Jingle Bells

6) TV Adventures

7) Steve Howe

8) Outro Jam