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Big Jerks w/ Dan

at Dog 6-29-03

Sublime Nonsense

Recorded at Mark's garage (aka Barking Dog Studio) with 2 PZMs to the Roland.

Brain, Karl and Mark join guest bassist Dan Malouin at Mark's fifth annual tiki party and jam session. As usual for these tiki parties, we played (and recorded) the whole time with the garage door open. What must Mark's neighbors think? The barbecue, beer and salads were great as usual, along with Carol's famous lumpia. Janice coined the title to represent what the Big Jerks accomplish. Karl dubbed bass on cut 1, and Brian and Karl did some overdub sweetening with vocals, keyboards and trumpet. Very fun.

The cuts:

1. Rut

2. Underpants

3. Jazz Standard

4. Come On Down (fireworks)

5. Something Different

6. Dreamy Dancer


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