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Early Big Jerks

Orange Box Series #1



In 1983, the Big Jerks were rehearsing in Miles Christiansen's Hermosa Beach studio. Karl Grossman had a stack of orange boxes containing slightly used Ampex 1/4" tape for his TEAC 4 track reel-to-reel machine. The Big Jerks gobbled up this cache with recordings of their set songs and improv sessions. The tapes held up remarkably well after Karl dusted them off, repaired his TEAC, transferred the audio to digital and edited them for CD consumption. The epic jam "Natalie Wood" was leaked out in '84 on cassettes and became a local cult favorite. The Natalie Wood drowning was the modern original media-hyped death controversy, eclipsing all other news for a week or so, until Bill Holden was found dead. Cheers!

The cuts:

1. Bad Situation

2. Baby's On Display

3. Don't Cry to Me

4. Natalie Wood

5. Marketplace

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