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Big Jerks Trio @ Barking Dog

He Said / She Said

Recorded Feb 15, 2004, in the Gardena garage with Mark, Tony, Karl, Brian, the mighty Jerks. Our official photographer Andrew Neuhart was in attendance while the jerks went through an acoustic-driven evening. We got into criticizing yuppies and Karl weighed in on the Superbowl halftime "controversy". He also poked some fun at the assumption that we don't follow our hearts in our career choices. Mark played drums with little bamboo sticks.

Recorded with humble PZMs into the trusty Roland, organ overdubs, as usual, by Brian.

The cuts:

1. Out of My Element

2. Things I will not Miss

3. Be Right Back

4. Newport Pleasure

5. What do you Really Want to Be?

6. He said / She said

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