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Big Jerks @ N. Las Vegas

road trip DISC 1

Our road trip to Vegas was a blast. Four guys who work too hard escaping for a weekend of fun and music making. No kids or wives, just the Big Jerks on a romp. Recorded April 3 and 4 of 2004, the vocals on the disc tell the complete story of the trip, a sort of real time improv music narration. Thanks to good friend Howard Chatt for use of the Pignose warehouse. The Jerks witnessed America from the absurd to the sublime as only V the Sin City dishes it up.

Recorded with humble PZMs into the trusty Roland, organ overdubs, as usual, by Brian.

1. the 15

2. Light This Place Up

3. UFO

4. NLV (it's industrial)

5. Take Me to Las Vegas

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