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Big Jerks @ Kashmir 8-15-04

Recorded at Kashmir Studio in Hermosa Beach, this disc features improv rock running the full gamut from annoying (mosquito sounds) to lushly pretty. It's a Karl Grossman vocal tour de force. Karl introduces a new road phrase: Pinocchio. Bob is a song about an inquisitive old man who asks Karl to explain rap and hiphop. Hurricane Charley is the Jerks only country sounding effort. If you don't laugh during your first listen, go for a health check 'cuz you may be dead.

Recorded to the new Korg d16 machine with two PZA mics.

The cuts:

1. Hurricane Charley

2. West Nile Virus

3. Karl Jazz

4. Pinocchio Me

5. Bob

6. FU

7. In the Zone


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