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Big Jerks @ Kashmir

10-10-4 My Secret Place

The Jerks meet at Karl's Hermosa Beach place again, on a cool October Sunday, for a nice night of improv, starting with Uhura, a reprise from the last gathering that Brian somehow erased. (doh!) The Chris Hopkins group dropped in as our special guests. There's 3 instrumentals in a row: cool jazz guitar on Frederick, then a 70s rock flashback, an aching thing and we continue with My Secret Place, Karl's reminiscing about growing up on the hill in Manhattan Beach in the sixties.  Lastly, a song about swimming in the Pacific: it could be dangerous.

Recorded with humble PZMs into the trusty Roland, organ overdubs, as usual, by Brian.

1. Uhura

2. Frederick

3. Retro Rock

4. Sad Sunset

5. My Secret Place

6. Dangerous

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