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Big Jerks @ Kashmir

4-29-05 Finger in the Chili

Late April finds the Big Jerks at Kashmir enjoying pizza and salad (thank you Janice!) and testing a quiver of instruments and jam ideas. Killer Joe, a Quincy Jones tune, is a rare cover song from the Jerks. Karl emotes regarding the Bum problem and a big news scare about a disgruntled woman and a mysterious severed finger.

Recorded with humble PZMs into the trusty Korg.

1) Skinny Bones Jones (inst)
2) Give em Boats
3) Dirty Bell Bottoms (inst)
4) No Stoppin' Me Now
5) All in the Cards
6) Killer Joe
7) Tony's Chord (sharp1,dominant7, flat5)
8) Finger in the Chili

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