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Big Jerks, Cassette Farm


 Culled from hiss ridden cassette recordings from the early eighties, this confirms that Big Jerks were experimenting with improv from the very beginnning. Recorded with Brian's Radio Shack stereo mic hung from the ceiling, into a JVC cassette deck... some were at Marks Liberty Village garage (1627 18th st, Manhattan Beach) and others at Brian's (903 214th St, Torrance) garage. The Christmas songs were recorded at Judy's party 1982. I think. This was all quite long ago.

The cuts:

1. Black & Red
2. Black Socks
3. Channel Song
4. Dead German Sheppard
5. Hey Pal
6. I Feel Funny
7. Jerk Gulls
8. Jerk Patrol
9. Jingle Jerks (live)
10. Kiss My Bass (Carriero)
11. Silent Night (live)
12. Sitting All Alone
13. Steaming Crack Jungle (orig?)
14. Walk On By

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