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Big Jerks @ Abalone Cory sits in

7/ 14/ 07 . . . Doncha Think?

Mid July in zero seven finds Mark, Brian, Tony and master photographer Andrew out bodysurfing and then sharing a beach breakfast where they bump into Cory Lombardelli. They invite Cory to the day's scheduled recording session, where the Big Jerks explore topical stories gleaned from current headlines and entertainment.

Recorded with 2 PZMs into Karl's Roland.

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1) Party Wave

2) Bullet in My Leg

3) My Gut Feeling

4) Doncha Think?

5) Behoove (shorty)

6) Bipolar (shorty)

7) Answer Phone (shorty)

8) Had in Mind (shorty)

9) Vanity Business

10) Gonna Take it Off

11) One of Them Now

12) Why So Mad?

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