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Big Jerks @ Abalone Lounge

8/ 25/ 07 . . . Black & White

Again at Abalone, the four jerks spend a warm August Saturday toying with aural landscapes while the trailings of Hurricane Dean wash over SoCal. You could smell Mexico in the air. Colleen, Devin and Kristin dropped by to sit in the van chairs and watch the jam. Songs of personal, regional and global import were dreamed and realized.

Recorded with 2 PZMs into Karl's Roland.

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1) Abalone Lounge

2) These Days

3) Boss of You

4) Antonio Blues

5) What You Say (shorty)

6) Email (shorty)

7) Saddlebags (shorty)

8) Grandchildren (shorty)

9) Analog World (shorty)

10) Black and White

11) He is Here (giant squid)

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