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Big Jerks at Abalone

3-16-08 Client # 9

Guest guitarist Kelly Preach ( an original 1979 Big Jerk!) and guest keyboardist Cory Lombardelli contribute to this musical journey. The Big Jerks say hello to 2008 with rock improv at it's Hermosa Beach best. Andrew was there with camera. We explored Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the Emperor's Club scandal in New York, porcupine personalities and sexual addiction. Yessir!

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1) Eggtooth
2) a Black Church Thing
 3) Client # 9
 4) shorty: Horse's Ass
 5) shorty: Emperor's Club
 6 ) shorty: LV Needles
 7) shorty: Obamaland
 8) shorty: Quiver
 9) shorty: Abalone Lounge

10) Porcupine

11) Sexual Addiction

12-15) assrtd snippets and reprises from earlier cuts


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