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Big Jerks at Abalone

5-25-08 Cog in the Wheel

Starting Summer 2008, a beautiful South Bay day for a recording session, with all four Jerks plus Mike Nelson on video and Andrew Nuehart cameras, with an afternoon start for a nice change. Great listening and musical experiments here, with topics bubbling forth from Karl's furtive mind. Within 3 hours, the Jerks set up instruments, and amps, pa and recording gear, chat about current events and then play efficiently and tear down while listening back to the recording.

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1) Fiesta de las Artes
2) Cog in the Wheel
 3) Bit of Sympathy
 4) shorty: Tribute
 5) shorty: Oil
 6 ) shorty: LSD
 7) shorty: Tornados
 8) shorty: Eye
 9) shorty: Trek

10) Trek Master

11) This is that day-o

12) Please Boys No Jamming

13) TherEnd

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