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Big Jerks at Abalone Lounge

July 13, 2008: Clever Chess Move

Four Big Jerks plus Andrew (on his 54th Birthday!) record new gems and explore strange vocal territory, with Karl examining his own head out loud. The Jerks talk for a while, discussing how lucky we were to grow up in the sixties and seventies, witnessing culture morphs and crumbling walls. This historical awareness informs many jams here and to come.

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1) Livin in America
2) Calling You Out
 3) Clever Chess Move
 4) The Waking Dream
 5) Hot Mic
 6 ) shorty: Room
 7) shorty: Iron
 8) shorty: Reno
 9) shorty: ICE

10) shorty: Float

11) shorty: Sting

12) Simple Times

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