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Big Jerks at Abalone Lounge

Nov 9, 2008: Sit Down

A brisk November evening finds the Big Jerks ready for some improv therapy. Our little moth mascot appears on the first note of the first jam, so we ran with it, eventually exploring the Gene Leis legend, road pavers, acoustic jams, school bus discipline and America's new president elect. We did some great jazzy stuff on this night.

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1) Happy Moth Reprise
2) Gene Leis
 3) Green Machine
 4) Sittin on a Porch
 5) Sit Your Ass Down
 6 ) Ice Plants on the Beach
 7) Only in America
 8) shorty: Primpin'
 9) shorty: Weapons

10) shorty: Jim Jones

11) shorty: Disneyland

12) shorty: Scary Vegas

13) shorty: Disaster

14) shorty: Twilight Zone

15) Good Luck

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