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Big Jerks at Abalone Lounge

Dec 20, 2008: Allabunchacrap

Tony slips into the room during the first jam and sets up silently to join the fun midway through cut 1. Our Christmas jam was group therapy of the improv rock kind, with the stresses of the weird recession holidays melting into the Abalone Lounge walls. Then a Karl story jam about national political scandal, a Brian rant about climate change, an instrumental, another Brian story about mass hypnosis, a classic Karl year-wrap-up jam and a final jam about major/minor key confusion.

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1) Tony Enters
2) For Sale: Senate Seat
 3) Allabunchacrap
 4) Cool Hand Luke
 5) You Don't Own Me
 6 ) One Good Thing in 2008
 7) Smudge

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