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Big Jerks Short Night

Tony Breaks the Toilet

Karl was sick, he didn't make it. We brought in Cory. We went to Palos Verdes to watch Tony play at his new church, and we stole him away from an after-service gathering to jam with the Jerks. But there was a problem: Tony played 2 songs with the Jerks, went to take a leak in the tiny Abalone bathroom and passed out, BOOM! A crash, running water, Tony out cold. He came to but passed out cold again a couple times. We called 911 and away Tony went to the hospital with paramedics.

It was a bummer night except for 2 things: Tony discovered a deadly heart blockage which he got fixed, and the two songs we did were great! Tony scared the crap out of us, and we are reminded how much we love him and his musicianship. Thank you god, paramedics, doctors, nurses and Tony Alvarez!

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