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Big Jerks- March 30, 2013

Take it as it Comes

Mark visits, so the Big Jerks record:here we weigh in on politics, old friend Rudy Costa, North Korea, Phil Ramone (great producer), and we even did 2 covers: a 60s Zappa and a 70s George Benson. There's also a Karl flemenco tune called Bourgogne. Ten pieces running the gammut from ugly to pretty to wall of noise.

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1 / Take it As it Comes

2 / How Could I Be Such a Fool (zappa)

3 / None of That Here

4 / Phil Ramone

5 / You're Too Late

6 / Rudy

7) It's Happening Again

8) Awful Pretty

9) Bourgogne

10) Sunrise (Benson/Atkins)

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