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Big Jerks- November 9, 2013

Rorschach Test

We bring in buddy and great musician Richard Schwagerl for a fascinating evening of improv. Vibes is a grand instrument for bringing new timbers to a jam session. Songs 1 and 2 were before Tony arrived, so no bass. We tackle a Karl song (1) , an old jazz standard (2,3),on 3 notice the improvement when Tony adds bass. Then a Jerks history lesson about Bill Preach, Karl's Rorschach composition, a jam about JFK and another of those Big Jerks moment-observations we are known for.

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1 / Playa Nueva

2 / Out of Nowhere 1

3 / Out of Nowhere 2

4 / Every Night This Week

5 / Rorschach Test

6 / The Pinch

7) Dealy Plaza

8) Midst of a Miracle

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