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Big Jerks in Las Vegas

March 23 and 24, 2014

Drummer Mark B invited the Jerks to play his backyard which is America's adult playground. He secured us 2 gigs and we braved the drive, stayed at the old school Golden Nugget and enjoyed every minute of 60 hours. We met many locals, it seems living in a tourist playground makes for some fascinating personalities. Special hat tip to Jeff Murphy.

The recordings are from our two gigs: The Double Down Saloon, a Vegas underground music icon and a pizza place called Motor City Cafe. The DD gig was a blast, the MCC was more laid back and sparsely attended. Karl's brother joined us on sax for Vegas Shoes.

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In jumbled order:

1) Sister Planet

2) When a Doctor

3) I Don't Care

4 ) This Concerns You

5) Pig on a Spit

6) Strangest Things

7) Improve Those Memories

8) Gentrify or Die

9) My Dad's America

10) Weaver

11) It's a Gamble

12) Bill of My Hat

13) Please Please Please

14) Dot Com Billionaires

15) F Those Tribute Bands

16) Channel Song

17) Little Sunflower

18) Killer Joe

19) Vegas Shoes

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