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Big Jerks- Sept. 12, 2014


We played as a trio on the first 2 songs, waiting for Karl to arrive from a musically safe gig. He entered in a mood for noise, noise to scrub his palate from the well-behaved music he playes to make a living. Since we've all been doing that sort of music recently, we hopped on the idea and played a cathartic thrash jam until it was out of our system. The evidence is there in the listen.

We go from bluesy finger snap, to wall of noise, to Big Jerks simple observation, to long bluesy jam with brilliant Karl lead guitar.

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1) Medicine for the Blues

2) Creepin'

3) Noise

4) For God's Sakes People

5) What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

6) Baby's Callin' Me Home

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