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Big Jerks w Reek Havok

live at Crest June 18, 2015

Reek Havok was Big Jerks' drummer for 2 years in 1983-1984 during the L.A. club days.

This reunion with Reek Havok on drums was at The Crest sports bar in Torrance, Califonia. We tried, after 30 years, to recreate classic Big Jerks originals Car Back, Channels Song, I Don't Care, Life o Reily, Job Well Done, Mad Spider Dance, a cover Heart Full o Soul, and creted a new improv jam called FOMO. Fun and amazing how easily the music comes back with no rehearsal!

* denotes a cover song

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1) Job Well Done

2) Car Back

3) Life o Reily

4) Channel Song

5) I Don't Care

6) Mad Spider Dancee

7) Heart Full o Soul*


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