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Big Jerks compilation

Floating Ephemera


These are tunes that, somehow, we didn't get on other discs. Some are very old from cassette, some are trimmed, remixed or mastered. They span from 1979 to 2013. Crop means trimmed in length, crush means compressed. They are MP3s and we can deliver them via the web as a batch, or burn them to CDR.

A veritable hodge podge of fun.

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1) Jerk Invasion

2) Blue Geranium

3) Cool Hand Crop

4) Gardena Crop

5) Hot Temale Crush

6) Trio Jam #19

7) Two Minutes Hate Crop

8) Channel Song remaster

9) Art Disposal Unit

10) Ambient Dog

11) Creature from the Underbrush

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