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Big Jerks @ Abalone Lounge

11/ 10/ 07

Welcome to the Club

This date finds the Big Jerks playing a casual jazz/pop party at the Hermosa Kiwanis hall on Valley Drive. The very site of Karl's public musical debut over thirty years earlier. They finished that commercial paying job, a rarity, and went directly to Abalone for improv therapy. Some kidding ensued about the scarcity of BigJerks paychecks, they are rare as California Condors, and Tony was chided for being so patient with the band. Truth is Tony is the glue that holds the whole mess together, but don't tell him that because it might go to his head.

Recorded with 2 PZMs into Karl's Roland.

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1) Byzantine Labarynth

2) Got Him on Tape

3) Goldmans

4) On My Mind (shorty)

5) Mermaid (shorty)

6) Long Row to Hoe (shorty)

7) Bayou Blues

8) Welcome to the Club (Tony)


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