An Improvisation by the Big Jerks

Where do we start?
And where does it all end?
This great country of ours, we seem to have lost confidence
But I’m here to tell you
There’s no better time than now to have confidence in America
You gotta believe it’s all ok
Sure it’s been hard, but, it’s been confusing and all
What, are you just going to sit and give up?
I don’t think so, I don’t think so mister

I don’t think so, no no no I don’t think so
Yeah it’s confusing...

Nobody’s giving up are they?
I don’t think so
Yeah, we can have our differences.

Sure everybody’s got a right to their opinion
But you look around the world and...
This place, this America we call, this place;
We’ve got a lot on enemies.
And a lot of enemies, means
We got to come together.
It’s just a matter of time they say
Not if, but when.
That’s what they say...
Matter of when, not if
You know what I’m saying Brian?
A matter of when...

Confusion everywhere
I don’t think so...
Do you remember what happened after 9/11?
This country, we were one. We were one.
Was it the trajastrophy?
It might take a trajastrophy...

A lot of confusion.

Is that what it takes Brian?
A trajastrophy, A trajastrophy
Well, you’re talking about
Trying to get the nation to come together
It’s an old story
It feels like that’s missing, right?
I don’t know; confusion and anger and anguish
And obsession, people are upset.
And a trajastrophy is what’s need right now
Some, I don’t know, a giant building falls over with a bomb
The muzzies do something insane
Or a simple thing, like a Waco, like a Waco
Something like that, anything, we just need a trigger.
A trigger to send us back. Where we’re all more human
I think what’s key is that it’s a common enemy, a common enemy.
Hey,maybe you’re right
Perhaps an alien from above,
Nikto klaatu barada!

(copyright 2010 Big Jerks, Sissonvisions, BMI)


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