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Big Jerks at Abalone

Live at VFW Redondo

Sept 2, 2018

Year three of the Big Jerks VFW "end of summer" early evening gigs at this locally famous beach bar venue venue.

Karl, Tony, Mark and Brian play old faves and new songs too, recorded on Karl's little zoom H2n. Hence this is not a high fidelity recording, but a rough reminder of the fun day. Note *denotes a cover song. Many of our friends and family were in attendance. Thanks Mark for driving in from Vegas to play!

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1) Song For My Father *

2) Happy Together*

3) Little Sunflower*

4) Light My Fire *

5) Breezin'*

6) Cantaloupe Island*

7) Job Well Done

8) 96 Tears *

9) I Think We're Alone Now*

10) Life O'Riley

11) I Don't Care

12) Bottom Rocker

13) Call Of The Wild

14) Car Back

15) Crazy Dreams

16) Sleepy Beach Town

17) Golden Age

18) Gloria

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