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Big Jerks at Wongs West

Live Board Tape

Jan 1981


Karl, Peter C, Mark and Brian play the eighties "new wave" club set list in the big room at Wongs West in Santa Monica. Tom the sound guy was nice enough to run the board mix into a cassette recorder for us. He like the Big Jerks because we played through small Roland Cube amps with XLR line outs, therefore he could control the room volume of bass and 2 guitars along with his drums mics and PA. This gave him more control of the room mix, which was rare for a house sound guy in those days.

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1) Don't Cry To Me

2) Collector

3) Hillside Strangler /Night Stalker

4) Track Two

5) My Baby's On Display

6) Limo

7) I Think We're Alone Now*

8) Pool Jerks

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