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 Pigeon Blues*  I play You Listen JW  AllaBunchaCrap
 Page One * FB JW  Packing for our Picnic  Shotgun
 Green Machine JW  Jazzbow *  George
 Job Well Done * JW  Cool Hand Luke *  Figured Them Out
 Silent Farmer JW  Karl's Item *  Too Loud
 Same Old Place JW  Some Say (capt Sully)  Stuck In the 70s JW
 Page One * FB JW  I Don't Care (orig version)  Las Vegas Town
 Hairy Larry JW  Smudgy Butt  Things've Changed
 Gotta Live It JW  Mr. Grossman  Compression
 Instrument Envy  Get Me On the List * FB JW  No Jamming
 Got to Have the Chicken  Trust the Gadget JW  End of the World
 Sounds of Metal JW  Hurricane Charley JW  Get Over It
 Strange New Freedom  ReTodd  Never Stopped Playing
 Reggie  Hermosa Heretic  The Gipper
 It's a Wonder JW  Lingering Flu  Highway One

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MS denotes also on myspace, -----------------* denotes Instrumental