I met Gene Leis about 1982 in Santa Maria, CA. I was stationed at Vandenberg AFB at the time. He was working with a young singer named Teresa Machado. I met them at a local lounge where they were performing. Gene and Teresa allowed me to record some of their performances there and Gene allowed me to connect my machine directly into the mixer. Got some great recordings of the duet, but I think the performances sound best over a pair of high quality headsets. Indeed, some great music to listen to while relaxing or working on something else. Gene brought me over to his studio he had set up in Santa Maria many times and gave me a bit of mentoring on recording live music. It was a great experience to work with such a great guy. I have often wondered what ever happened to Teresa's career as a singer. Gene and Teresa did a killer version of 'Mack the Knife' that even Ella Fitzgerald would have been proud of. It was a simply amazing performance for a duet with only a guitar and vocals. I still have and treasure that original live recording tape.

Selah Freeman