An Improvisation by the Big Jerks


It was a little bit disappointing
I'd wondered about it my whole life
and when I finally saw it my own eyes
I was disappointed

it happened when I was hit on the freeway
I didn't see the guy comin'
the guy was goin' 65 miles per hour
and I conscious one moment
and spinning the next moment
spinning towards an embankment
that's all I remember for the moment
and the I saw the light

the light they all talk about
yeah I saw it
I felt the warm blood under my head
I felt no pain
I could hear the paramedics talkin to each other, they said it looks bad, it looks bad, it looks bad,
and I could see the light coming closer
I could see it, the light they all talk about
there it is! (the light they all talk about)
I'm goin' towards the light
I'm goin' towards the light
I'm goin' towards the light
I'm goin' towards the light

when I entered into the light
I remember feeling somewhat disappointed because
heaven is not what I had imagined
it was actually like a.. alot like a
trade show
I was issued a badge and a buyer's I.D. in a plastic lanyard container
and told to enter on in the trade show

I'm thinkin' this can't be right
sure it was a very big hall but
and they had alot of good booths
a lotta good displays and some decent entertainment, and I was really impressed with some of the displays they had
they were very professional
very professional
There was the Jesus Christian display, the Hindu display was really nice, better than I guessed it would be
I was surprised how big the Muslim display was, I guess there's more Muslims than I had known about

Into the Light
Into the Light
Into the Light

So now you know what's on the other side of the light
it's a big trade show, everybody's...
if you hadn't made up your mind by the time of your death, you could go in there and shop

there was Judaism, and Buddhism, Christianity
there was Muslims and there was David Koresh
I swear, he had a little booth in there
and Jim Jones was there, Jim Jones was there
they were all in there, man
and they're... a big trade show
a big trade show
a trade show

well I chose my favorite booth,
I'm a Christian of sorts
and I went up and I said
is Jesus here? is he in here?
well, no, he's due to show up at 3 o'clock
so you're gonna have to wait
is he gonna come?
if he comes can I talk to him?
Oh, yeah, we have posters for him to sign for you
if you'll just stand in that line over there, sir. thank you very much
oh, yeah, it's my pleasure
I don't mind waitin til 3 o'clock if Jesus shows up
and he'll sign my poster and maybe I can talk to him for a little bit

Sure enough, right ontime, Jesus shows up, 3 o'clock ( Jesus in tennis shoes)
He didn't look like I thought he'd look
I'll tell ya that ( and a sports shirt)
and the funny thing is he didn't have the longest line, either
there was some other booths that had longer lines
I was kinda shocked 'cuz y'know I, bein an American and all, I was pretty much just lookin' for Jesus
I wasn't didn't pay alot of attention to the other booths
well I waited for 40 minutes to reach the top of that line
and when I reached up there, I looked at Jesus
I sad hey, Jesus, hey Jesus
what's the answer to it all?
just gimme your little kernel of wisdom
if I could come thru a seance
and talk to the people back in my old life
on the other side of the veil
and if I could give 'em
just one sentence
what would the best advice you got be, Jesus?

He looked me in the eye,I thought he had blue eyes but no he's got brown eyes, man.
and he looked completely serious and I knew
that what he was gonna tell me was
the kernel of truth on how to live a life

and he said Get Over It
I gave him that questioning look like
that can't be it, you gotta be kidding me
and he gave me the other look that said
I've given you the kernel ofwisdom
now you do something with it

at first I was disappointed
Get Over It? that's all he's got?
seems too simple, man
that can't be it, man Get over it?
C'mon Jesus, you gotta
is that all you got to...Get over it?
is that all y'got?

and then I started thinking
wow. that means more than just Get over it
it means ... Get over it.

all the petty hurts in your heart
all the perceived slights in your life
it means, god dang that's genius
it means Get over it
he said Get over it, Get over it, Get over it.

it means everything to me, when I think about it now
Get over it.cuz' I came back to like, they saved my life
and I been thinkin about what he said
Get over it.
tellin my buddies about it
Get over it.
and he told me
Get over it.
Get over it.

I went to the trade show
Get over it.
I went to the trade show in heaven
Get over it.
it means everything, it says everything
Get over it.
when you think about it
Get over it.
all the little hurts in your
heart and in yer head, in yer head
Get over it.
you know that guy in grade school that you hate?
Get over it.
that early girlfriend you had who hurt you, who hurt you
Get over it.
and all the adults who treated you badly
Get over it.
all your friends who disappointed you
Get over it.
all the disappointments
Get over it.
all the hurts
Get over it.
Get over it.
Get over it.
Get over it.
Get over it.
Get over it.
Get over it.
Get over it.

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(copyright 2008 Big Jerks, Sissonvisions, BMI)

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