© an Improvisation by the Big Jerks

I had a conversation today with a...
An old man, his name was Bob
He had kinda funny yellow teeth
Kinda wavy thin hair, he was a tall man

And he came up to me, and said
“You guys play music pretty well...”
He was an old man
And I asked him if he liked Jazz music
And he said he liked the old stuff and
I agreed and I said, “you mean like Benny Goodman
And Tommy Dorsey?” And he said, “Yeah,
That’s stuff I grew up (with)...”
He was an old man
His name was, Bob

And then Bob asked me, he said
He got up real close and he kinda whispered
He said, he said “I had a question...”
I said, “what’s the question Bob?”
He said, “What is this, uh...
What is this music they call ‘Hip-Hop’?”
He asked me, “what’s Hip-Hop?”

And I looked at Bob and I, I could see
A look of confusion in his face
This is an old man
Grew up on Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey.
And he’d obviously heard about Hip-Hop
From a tv show or some-such
And he had a quizzical look on his face
And he asked me,
What is this music they call ‘Hip-Hop’?”

So I started to explain to Bob that,
While I myself am not a proponent of Hip-Hop myself,
I don’t, I don’t go in for that
It’s actually a culture of African American America right now
And it’s a phenomenon, it’s a phenomenon
Goes - clothing, music, tv, and shoes
Clothing, music, tv, and shoes

His name was Bob
Name was Bob

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