"Hermosa Heretic"
an improvisation by Big Jerks 8-30-06 

The other day I saw a Lexus, man, you know down there on Hermosa Ave.
Brand new gorgeous sixty thousand, eighty thousand dollar car
with a Pennywise sticker on it.
I thought to myself, (huh?) God Damn it! (are you shu?)
Can we ever escape this fucking South Bay punk shit?
Call me a heretic, but I don't like it!
Fuck all that shit, I'm a Hermosa Beach heretic,
I say fuck all that punk rock shit!!!
I said fuck that Hermosa punk rock shit.
You know if you live in the South Bay, it seems like...
Well you know, there was, there was the cool jazz sound back
in the 50's, that Hermosa Beach was famous for, and that was cool,
you know that's o.k., kinda proud of that, kinda proud.
But you know ever since, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ABOUT?
When you tell somebody from, ya know, far away, that your from Hermosa Beach,
they go, oh, oh yeah!! Black Flag, Punk Rock, Southbay, oh yeah, yeah, that's
the home of the western Punk Rock Scene. Oh yeah, you guys are famous there.
I'm looking at him? What the fuck? Famous for what?
Oh yeah, Black Flag, Fear, Pennywise Man,
Those guys rock!! They rock. What the...? Dude!
Those guys are 50 years old, fuck that southbay punk rock.
I know I'm a heretic, I say FUCK IT ALLLLLLL!
I'm gonna get in trouble for this. We're all supposed to bow down to the
great Pennywise,
Oh Lord God Pennywise, We love you, we love when you vomit, and make asses of yourself
in public, we feel so proud of you, you are our heroes here in Hermosa Beach.
What can we do for you? Can we carry your equipment? Oh, oh you guys are so bitchin.
How many are in your entourage now? Oh, 100 people, Oh, that is so cool!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Fuck that Pennywise shit, (fuck that shit).
Fuck that Pennywise Punk Rock Shit. Waaagh!
Sounds like shit to me.......
So, I guess I'm a Hermosa Beach heretic, by saying such things about punk rock.
But I'm sick and tired of hearing about the Southbay having only, that horrible,
fucking, angry, juvenile, irresponsible music to look up to.
These kids live in paradise for God's sake, and they're angry?
What are ya angry about boy? And you're not a boy anymore in case you hadn't
noticed, you're a middle aged man, you dumb ass, you dumb ass!
Fuck that punk rock shit!
Fuck, that shit, I say Fuck, fuck, fuck that punk rock shit!!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah, yeah!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, yeah, yeah, yeah,
no, no, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no, yeah!
Wuugh, Uuh! Aaaaaah!
Hermosa Beach, Hermosa Beach, Hermosa Beach, Hermosa Beeeeeach!

(copyright 2008 Big Jerks, Sissonvisions, BMI)

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