Big Jerks Improv Lyrics

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Strange New Freedom

 The Sky Turned to Black

Toilet and the Ticket

I Don't Care

*Never Stopped Playing

Bubble Boy

*Livin' in America

Bum Dumping

*Endangered Species

He Wasn't Ready


Get Over It

*Dial 9



Hurricane Charlie



It's All a Bunch o Crap

 Back in the Black

She Loves Me Not

*O Gentlemens

Happy Faces

Hey Pal

Skate in the Nude

There's More to Me

Chunks of the Pier

Job Site

I Play the Trumpet

What Could Possibly?

Dead Monkey

Hermosa Heretic

Y'gotta Live It

Chaos Generator


*Same Old Place

Pinnochio Me

Abalone Ashtray

Black out the Sky

*Is That What You Want?

Two Minutes Hate

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