In the early sixties there was no reggae music. What there was instead was a hotbed of creativity in the black slums of Kingston. DJs would set up sound systems outdoors, and play the latest 45s coming out of the many small labels in Jamaica. The early Wailers had numerous hits on this DJ circuit, fueling record sales for Coxson Dodd and others. Despite these record sales,the radio stations wouldn't touch the new "ghetto" music. This is around the same time as the emergence of Beatlemania. The Wailers ( Bob, Rita Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer ) grew frustrated that their efforts brought them no money. This was not unique to Jamaica, of course. Artists everywhere were commonly exploited by labels ( remenber that even the Beatles, riding a juggernaut of hype, did not own their own publishing rights ). As Bob took a break from the music business, he steeled his resolve to make it on his own terms.