Danny Sims has been in the music business since the early '60s. He signed Bob Marley and the Wailers to a 5-year contract back in the days before there was reggae music. A longtime business partner of Johnny Nash, the early reggae pioneer, Sims has a controversial, colorful past, and seems to be sitting on the greatest treasure trove of unreleased Bob Marley material there is. When he sold Chris Blackwell the remainder of Bob's contract in 1972, he launched the modern era of Reggae. His recent release, an ECD called Bob Marley: Soul Almighty the formative years Vol. 1 has at long last begun to unlock vaults which have been closed almost 30 years! To read more about Danny Sims' involvement with the original Wailers, read the liner notes to the album mentioned above. Danny runs JAD Records in Santa Monica, CA, which will be releasing early (and RARE!) Bob Marley music in the future.