Bob Marley and the Wailers
Definitive Discography

by Leroy Jodie Pierson and Roger Steffens

 The following document lists in chronological order all the songs known to have been released by Bob Marley. The reggae prophet's career began when he was barely 17 years of age, for the pioneering Jamaican producer Leslie Kong; continued through the spectacular Coxson Dodd era with the original Wailers (himself, Neville O'Reilly "Bunny" Livingstone, Peter Tosh, Junior Braithwaite and the occasional voices of Beverly Kelso, Cherry Green and Constantine "Dream" "Vision" Walker); on through the never-before-documented Johnny Nash/Arthur Jenkins/Danny Sims 1967-72 period; and into the world-spanning Island years commencing in late 1972.

From 1970 forward, many of his tracks were released in version/dub formats as B-sides of seven inch singles; some had DJ artists such as I Roy and U Roy attached. For clarity's sake, we have included the main titles in the order of years in which they were originally recorded. When a title reappears, it is a remake with different musicians and arrangements from a previous citation. After the Wailers breakup, only Marly's solo work is listed.

There are several ways in which you can use this material. Obviously, reading straight through will give you a good idea of how ska, gospel, American pop and mento gave way to a brief departure into rock steady, which in turn yielded the immortal reggae beat. Titles will be presented by producer. Should you want to know all the songs individual producers did, click on their pictures, and all their songs with Marley will be shown, along with the years they were done. And because Bob rerecorded so many of his compositions, you might also arrange this list by song title to see the years in which he made each newer version.

The authors have adapted this material from their definitive discography of Bob Marley and the Wailers, which represents a combined 37 years of research. We have decided that if we wait until we are absolutely 100% certain that everything herein is accurate, we shall never be finished. Our list is based on what are often fallible human memories. As nearly all who have attempted this work have attested, there are many contradictions among the recollections of participants of sessions that are now as long as 34 years ago (at the time of this writing in early 1996). We welcome all comments, emendations, and corrections. A much more complete form of this document can be found by clicking on the Reggaesupersite icon to connect you to the Internet, and going to the Bob Marley and the Wailers Discography page. There you will find information that will tell you how to identify each and every singer and musician on all Bob's songs, plus the month of the session, names of each engineer and producer, matrix numbers on the original pressings, and label numbers for U.S., U.K. and Jamaican releases. Our discography will be constantly updated, and allow individuals to make additions, as well as read comments from the original participants. The project will ultimately be complemented by full-color reproductions of all label types, including every known vinyl color variation.

There are constant surprises in store for collectors of Bob Marley's records. Newly discovered titles turn up regularly. The Sims/Nash archives still contain 49 previously unknown tracks that are only now beginning to be offered to Bob's hungry public. Some are included on this disc; all the rest will follow soon.

There are many businesses and individuals worldwide who offer records for sale and trade. Many of the most important ones can be found on the Reggaesupersite, along with a free Needs/Wants locator service. Danny Sims is offering newly minted numbered pressings of some of the Wailers' long-buried treasures on the supersite as well.

 Chronological Listing of Songs
Released by Bob Marley


[The following are Leslie Kong productions for his Beverley's label]

as Robert Marley
Do You Still Love Me
Judge Not

as Bobby Marten
One Cup Of Coffee

Terror [unreleased]

[all productions from 1963 through mid-1966 are by Clement Dodd, better known as "Sir Coxson" Dodd, for his own Studio One labels]

Christmas Is Here
Climb The Ladder
Do You Remember
I Don't Need Your Love
I'm Going Home
Mr. Talkative
Simmer Down
Straight and Narrow
Tell Them Lord
Your Love


Dance With Me
Don't Ever Leave Me
Go Jimmy Go
Hoot Nanny Hoot
I Made A Mistake
I Need You
It Hurts To Be Alone
Lonesome Feelings
Love Won't Be Mine This Way
Maga Dog
Nobody Knows
Oh My Darling
Teenager In Love
There She Goes
True Confessions
Where Will I Find
Wings Of A Dove


And I Love Her
Another Dance
Cry To Me
Diamond Baby
Do It Right
Do You Feel The Same Way Too
Good Good Rudie
Guajira Ska
I Left My Sins
I'm Gonna Put It On
I'm Still Waiting
Jumbie Jamboree
Just In Time
Let The Lord Be Seen In You
Lonesome Track
Love And Affection
One Love
Rude Boy
Shame and Scandal
Ska Jerk
Somewhere To Lay My Head
Ten Commandments of Love
The Jerk
This Train
Wages of Love
What's New Pussycat
Where Is My Mother
Where's The Girl For Me
White Christmas


[The following recordings were made without Bob Marley, who was in America from February through October 1966. Constantine "Dream" "Vision" Walker, Rita Marley's cousin and member of her group the Soulettes, replaced Bob during this period.]

Blowing In The Wind
Can't You See
Dancing Shoes
Don't Look Back
He Who Feels It Knows It
I Need You
I Stand Predominant
Jerking Time
Lemon Tree
Let Him Go
Little Boy Blue
Making Love
Rasta Shook Them Up
Rock Sweet Rock
Rolling Stone
Sentimental Journey
Sinner Man
Sunday Morning
The Toughest
Treat Me Good
What Am I Supposed To Do
When The Well Runs Dry

[At the end of 1966, Bob returned from working a factory night-shift job in Delaware, with enough money to start the Wailers' first self-controlled company to produce and distribute their own compositions. They called their nascent label Wail'n Soul'm, and their logo showed three hands in a triangular embrace, an image that is used to this day. From here onward, the Wailers worked with producers like Lee Perry and Leslie Kong, but the majority of their music was self-produced.]

Bend Down Low
Freedom Time


[The following are Wailers' self-productions]
Bus Dem Shut
Lyrical Satyrical
Mellow Mood
Nice Time
Pound Get A
Stir It Up
Thank You Lord
This Train


Chances Are
Dem A Fi Get A Beatin'
Don't Rock My Boat
Fire Fire
I'm Hurting Inside
Play Play Play
Stepping Razor
The Lord Will Make A Way

[The following are productions by Arthur Jenkins and Joe Venneri (primarily) for Johnny Nash and Danny Sims. The dating is approximate, as no productions notes have been discovered to verify exact dates.]

Bend Down Low

Chances Are
Fallin' In And Out Of Love
Gonna Get You
How Many Times
It Hurts To Be Alone
Lonely Girl
Lonesome Feelings
Mellow Mood
Milk Shake and Potato Chips
Nice Time
Put It On
Rock Steady
Soul Almighty
Soul Rebel
Splish For My Splash
Stay With Me
Stranger On The Shore
The World Is Changing
There She Goes
Touch Me
Treat You right
What Goes Around Comes Around
You Think I Have No Feelings
You Say I Have No Feelings [alt. vers.]

[The following are Mortimo Planno productions
A Little Prayer
Selassie Is The Chapel


[The following are Wailers self-productions]
Feel Alright
Tread Oh

[The following are productions by Ted Powder]
Adam And Eve
Thank You Lord
This Train

[The following are Leslie Kong productions]
Baby Baby Come Home
Back Out
Can't You See
Cheer Up
Do It Twice
Go Tell It On The Mountain
Soon Come
Sophisticated Psychedelication
Soul Captives
Soul Shake Down Party
Stop The Train

[The following are Wailers self-productions
Black Progress
Comma Comma
Hold On To This Feeling
Oppressor Man
The Letter
Trouble Dub
Trouble On The Road Again

[The following are Randy's productions]
Sugar Sugar
Field Marshall No Parshall

Hold On To This Feeling (Bob & Rita)

[The following are productions by Lee "Scratch" Perry, the Upsetter, uniting Bob for the first time with the core of the band that would be with him for the rest of his career. They were Scratch's rhythm section: Aston "Family Man" Barrett on bass, and his brother Carlton on drums, abetted by Alva "Reggie" Lewis on guitar and Glen Adams on keyboards.]

400 Years
Axe Man
Corner Stone
Duppy Conqueror
It's Alright
Jah Is Mighty
Long Long Winter
Man To Man
My Cup
No Sympathy
No Water
Picture On The Wall (w/Carl Dawkins)
Put It On
Rebel's Hop
Run For Cover
Shocks Of Mighty
Small Axe
Soul Almighty
Soul Rebel
Try Me

[The following are Bunny Lee productions]
Mr. Chatterbox
No Love

[The following is a Wailers' self-production]
High Tide Or Low Tide


[The following are Lee Perry Productions]
African Herbsman
All In One
Brand New Secondhand
Fussing and Fighting
In The Iway
Keep On Moving
Keep On Skanking
Riding High
Stand Alone
Turn Me Loose
Who Is Mister Brown

[The following are joint productions of Lee Perry and the Wailers]
Don't Rock My Boat
I Like It Like This
Love Light
Send Me That Love
Sun Is Shining

[The following are Wailers' self-productions]
Back Biter
Concrete Jungle
Craven Choke Puppy
Guava Jelly
How Many Times
I'm Still Wailing
It Hurts To Be Alone
Lick Samba
Lively Up Yourself
Music Lesson
Redder Than Red
Rocking Steady
Satisfy My Soul Babe
Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah
Screw Face
Trench Town Rock
Why Should I

[The following are Johnny Nash productions]
Dance Do The Reggae
I'm Hurting Inside
Oh Lord I Got To Get There
Reggae On Broadway


[The following are Wailers' self-productions]
400 Years
All Day All Night
Concrete Jungle
Kinky Reggae
Midnight Ravers
No More Trouble
Pass It On
Rock It Babe
Slave Driver
Stir It Up
Stop That Train


[The following are Wailers' self-productions]
Burnin' & Lootin'
Duppy Conqueror
Get Up Stand Up
Hallelujah Time
I Shot The Sheriff
Iron Lion Zion
No Sympathy
One Foundation
Pass It On
Put It On
Rastaman Chant
Reincarnated Soul
Small Axe


[From here forward, all Wailers productions are of the Bob Marley solo-led group]

Am A Do
Belly Full
Bend Down Low
Knotty Dread
Lively Up Yourself
Rebel Music
Road Block
So Jah Seh
Talking Blues


The following are Wailers self-productions]
Crazy Baldhead
Cry To me
I Know
Johnny Was
Night Shift
Positive Vibration
Rat Race
Roots, Rock, Reggae
Want More
Who The Cap Fit

[The following is a joint Lee Perry/Wailers production]
Jah Live


[The following is a joint Lee Perry/Wailers production]
Smile Jamaica (Parts One and Two)


[The following are Lee Perry productions]
Who Colt The Game (unissued)
I Know A Place Where We Can Carry On (unissued)
Keep On Moving
Natural Mystic
Punky Reggae Party
Rainbow Country

[The following are Wailers' self-productions]
Easy Skanking
Every Need Got An Ego To Feed
Is This Love
Misty Morning
Natural Mystic
One Love/People Get Ready
Running Away
Satisfy My Soul
She's Gone
So Much Things To Say
Sun Is Shining
The Heathen
Three Little Birds
Time Will Tell
Turn Your Lights Down Low
Waiting In Vain


[No studio activity as Bob toured the world and completed the building of his own Tuff Gong Studio at 56 Hope Road in Kingston, Jamaica]


[The following are Bob Marley and the Wailers productions]
Africa Unite
Babylon System
Mix Up Mix Up
One Drop
Ride Natty Ride
So Much Trouble In The World
Top Rankin'
Wake Up And Live

[The following are Bob Marley/Lee Perry productions]
Blackman Redemption
Rastaman Live Up


[The following are Bob Marley and the Wailers productions beginning in late 1979 and continuing into the early part of 1980
Bad Card
Coming In From The Cold
Could You Be Loved
Forever Loving Jah
Give Thanks And Praises
Pimper's Paradise
Real Situation
Redemption Song
Trench Town
We And Them
Zion Train

[The following is a King Sporty Productions
Buffalo Soldier
this list brings us to summer 1996
[To Be Continued]

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