The bulk of Bob's quality recordings are found on TuffGong, the official Marley foundation source controlled by Bob's family. Visit their site at Island Records is the parent company that brought Bob to worldwide fame, visit their site at Bob's own label TuffGong is now run by his surviving family. They are a highly organized and soulful bunch that deserves your support. If you are not hip to the Melody Makers, Cedella Booker Marley, Rita Marley and all the music created by his brood, you will delight in discovering how the spirit lives on! Be advised that buying music from this official source is the only fail-safe way to be sure that Bob's family shares in the success.

Bob Marley's fame and influence strengthen daily, and there are hundreds of lesser known recordings available worldwide. Listed below are some of the sources you should check into.




and a quick internet search will uncover thousands(!) of releases.