The stairs down to the six rooms of the archives are lined with posters, including one for a Wailers, Burning Spear and Culture festival in South Africa in Dec. 2000; Bob Steinhilber's original painting of "Scratch Vishnu," used on a recent Lee Perry album on Heartbeat; and Canadian artist Lisa Can-over's painting of Bob Marley's mother, Cedella Booker, taken from a photo I shot of her in L.A. in 1996, with Nine Mile, Bob's birthplace, replaced as the background. At top left is a commemorative envelope postmarked Oct 4, 1963 at the U.N., the day Emperor Haile Selassie I delivered the "War" speech, and signed by Selassie.


 Leonardo DiCaprio and then-companion Giselle Bundchen, visited the archives in 2004 and asked many well-informed questions about Marley's life and career. Leo grew up in our neighborhood, and has done much to improve the area through his charities.

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