Bob Marley in the San Diego Sports Arena dressing room on November 24, 1979, during the "Survivial" tour when my radio partner Hank Holmes and I were traveling with him for a couple of unforgettable weeks. This shot has been used on the Soul Almighty cd-rom cover, and on numerous twelve-inches of "What Goes Around Comes Around," as well as on t-shirts, posters and other promotional items. It was one of the only times during an hour-long press conference that I saw him smile that broadly. The same shot, from a different angle, appears in the book I did with photographer Bruce Talamon ­ Bob Marley:Spirit Dancer ­ on the bottom right of page 76.


The "Commander Whitehead, the Man from Schweppes"-style publicity picture by Marcus Cuff, taken to promote the exhibition at the Queen Mary from January through September 2001 called "The World of Reggae featuring Bob Marley: Treasures from Roger Steffens' Reggae Archives."

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