One of my very favorite shots, taken by Mary behind Tuff Gong in July of 2001 at the International Reggae Day celebrations produced by Andrea Davis. I'm interviewing the immortal reggae percussionist Scully "Zoot" Sims, and we're in the act of singing together on Shirley & Lee's New Orleans' 50's hit, "Let the Good Times Roll." The picture appears in b&w in the new book that Leroy Jodie Pierson and I worked on for 15 years, called Bob Marley and the Wailers: The Definitive Discography" from Rounder Books/


 The tour poster for our six-gig, two-week, thousand mile journey through Israel in January of 2006, one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. Promoter Guil Bonstein had just completed a tour with Matisyahu, and we followed in his wake, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Our four other gigs made it the most extensive tour ever undertaken by Guil, the very heart and soul of the reggae movement in Israel, in 23 years. We're planning a university tour there next year.


 A frequently used shot of Bunny Wailer that I took in Aspen in 1998, under a double rainbow. The incredibly blue sky behind him is actually a cloth covering the stage, because it had rained for 36 hours prior to appearance. Just as he was about to come on, the sun suddenly pierced through the clouds, hovering just above the 11,000 feet tall mountain peaks, and creating the most deeply hued double rainbow I've ever seen. Bunny was so moved, that it took four different introductions before he finally came on stage. Afterwards he told me, "When I look up and see them, my eyes water, and I didn't want them [the audience] to be in that kind of mind, so I had to wait. But the one on top ­ you see, that one's Bob; and the one below ­ that's Peter."


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