Emperor Haile Selassie

Speech to Parliament, Nov. 2, 1958.

 History, serving as the guide to the future, clearly demonstrates that there is no more useful instrument for the attainment of Ethiopia's high objectives than education. To see our unceasing efforts for the promotion of education, upon which depends the future of our country, achieving commendable results is for us a crowning joy...

Time has demonstrated that those Africans who believe that the existence of an independent Ethiopia would open the door to freedom for all of Africa were not mistaken in their beliefs. The family of independent nations in Africa is today growing apace, and no power on earth can now arrest this process. It would be an irremediable error, deserving of the condemnation of both history and our nation, were we to fail to seize upon this movement towards the achievement of independence and equality for all men and to carry it successfully to its conclusion.

He who would efface the sacred work of Almighty Jah, he who would abuse the mysteries of Jah's creation and discriminate between man and man, whom Jah created equal, on the basis of color, race or creed, calls down upon himself disaster and ruin. Let no one forget that Africans differ from no other people in the world: They love those that love them, dislike those by whom they are disliked, and are jealous guardians of their freedom...

In these days of crisis, it behooves all nations desiring the preservation of peace in the world and the promotion of human welfare to unite their forces and to work together in a spirit of mutual trust and brotherly good will.

The spirit of subversion which, while long active in the world, had not manifested itself too obviously, has lately increased its activities, both secretly and openly. When a nation is vanquished, it is not only due to direct aggression from without, but also through the instrumentality of weak-spirited men within the nation who have been subverted by foreign influences. An Ethiopian must always be an Ethiopian, both in word and deed. The greatness of nations depends upon such a spirit of loyalty.

We pray Jah Almighty may, in his boundless mercy, ever assist us in the great task which we have undertaken.