Vision Walker is one of reggae 's great unknown secrets. A founding member of the Soulettes trio (with his cousin Rita Marley) in Jamaica in the 1960s, he also replaced Bob in the Wailers in 1966, during Bob's sojourn to Delaware. Reggae fans from the early '80s will remember him as the tall thin Ethiopian-looking dreadlock who often played bongo duets with Peter Tosh, as part of Tosh's final touring band. He is featured prominently in Tosh's concert film from 1983 "Live at the Greek Theater." For a couple of years Vision was a member of California's late lamented roots group, the Rastafarians, headquartered in Santa Cruz. He's played a crucial part in developing rock steady and reggae, and he's got one of the most gentle vibes of anyone I've ever encountered in the music. If you're a fan of the less boombastic crucial roots sound, Vision Walker is your Ital cup.