There's More To Me (Bluegrass Fans)
An Improvisation by the Big Jerks


You know it's gotten so??
I'm tired of the bluegrass music that I've been playing
I know you all know me for my bluegrass music
But I think I'm gonna, I'm gonna explore the blues.
I know my bluegrass fans
Might not understand my new music
That I've chosen.
But there's more to me thatn the bluegrass
I've got to explore my inner blues soul too.
So I hope you'll understand
I know my bluegrass fans will all wonder why,
I've changed my style
But I've got to pursue what I feel
You see I've always admired the blues artist
Even when I was playing my bluegrass career
And when I saw Lonny Mack play
I thought to myself, "Man, this is what I want to do,"
This, is what I want to be.
I know all my bluegrass fans will wonder
Wonder where I've gone
I know all my bluegrass fans will wonder
Why I've changed my direction.

I know the bluegrass community's gonna wonder
They're gonna wonder - why would you change?
"Why would you?? You were doing so well??"
"You had so many fans!"
I said, "Well, I alway looked at the blues??
"Always respected the blues, and??"

"And I've got to go where my heart is, becasue
"I just think that I owe it to my fans, that??
"To show them, what I'm, what I've got inside of me, ????
"There's more to me that bluegrass,"
"You just got to understand, there's more to me."
"And there's going to be more to me than bluegrass??"

"Karl, what happened to you man?"
"Well, I've always loved artists like: Lonnie Mack, Eric Clapton."
"Karl, what's the deal man? Are you going to another camp?"
"Ha ha, well, I know some of my fans, they'll wonder what happened to
me and all??"
"But, I just, there's more to me than bluegrass music!"
"There's more inside of me!"
"But that's a betrayal, man. That's a betrayal of all of us! Man!
"You know that we live and we breathe bluegrass, Karl, you know that!"
"You knew that!"
"Well, I know some of my fans will question??"
"What do you?"
"Some of my??"
"What do you?"
"Some of my??"
"What do you?"

Well my mind is made up
And I thank you for the interview
And you just remember - there's more to me than??
There's more to me than bluegrass!

Just remember??

There's more to me
There's more to me
There's more to me??

(copyright 2008 Big Jerks, Sissonvisions, BMI)

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